Essential Essences

The healing forces of nature and original medicine of the planet, Essential Essences are highly concentrated organic substances derived from medicinal plants through diverse processes such as water or steam distillation, extraction, pressing or cutting of the plants. They are 100 times more powerful than dried herbs and bring the energy and healing power of light and love to the human body and spirit. All essences have nutritive value, giving certain vitamins and minerals to the cell, oxygenate the cells of the body and provide a bio-energetic recharge to the body.


Wisdom of The Earth is a heart-centered company of high integrity, deep knowledge, and total reverence for the Plant Kingdom, hand-pouring each essence in sacred ceremony. As a Certified Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapist, Davana has access to over 260+ single (Ingredient), pure, therapeutic grade Essential essences (oils) imported from wonderful, passionate farmers all over the world.


Experience a group Plant Playshop and/or a private oil consultation by appointment, or have oils sent directly to your address. Develop your healing relationship with the Plant Kingdom and empower yourself on the journey to balance, harmony, and wellness.