Davana May

Davana May, named after the rare Davana flower (artemisia pallens), is here for the global awakening of humanity and the rise of the feminine in creating harmony and balance on this Earth. After her own personal awakening and self-healing journey, she continues to help and encourage others to find their inner power, their inner healer, and to share their truths, sing their song, dance their dance. She believes that world peace begins in the home, and that home is within. She sees the connection between the current condition of the world and the symbolic reflection of the disconnect of women to their wombs, men to their hearts, people to Spirit and listening to our bodies. Our bodies talk to us, are we listening?


Earth Our Body


Reclaim the parts of you and power you may have misplaced or given over to others. Reawaken and remember the truth that lives inside of you. Davana has helped countless women out of unhealthy relationships and guided them into self-love, respect, and compassion. Whether it is physical/emotional/spiritual dis-ease, desired conception, or wanting to nurture a deeper connection with your sacred feminine essence and sovereignty, Davana can be a flower ally for you on this journey of exploration and transformation.


  As women come back home to themselves and ignite the ancient feminine fire of wisdom within this healing energy radiates out through the collective. As men find the true courage to cry, to listen, to feel and heal,  together we can lead in love.

Wild Woman Rise

            Davana is a certified holistic practitioner incorporating, herbalism, aromatherapy, movement, breathwork, sound, song, meditation, and sacred feminine practices. She is a graduate of  The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education, and keeper of the wise woman tradition. Her experience with plant medicine has shifted her life in the most profound ways and she loves sharing the wisdom of the earth. The plants are sacred teachers, addressing dis-ease and bringing balance and harmony to the mind body soul. More and more people are connecting to the Earth, to the roots, to the original medicine of the planet and living more sustainable, chemical free, and plant-based lives. Davana creates custom herbal blends that can be mailed right to you and as a medicinal aromatherapist, she has access to over 260 single ingredient essential plant essences/essential oils that she distributes to clients and shares at her gatherings, classes, and events.


Davana facilitates Women’s Circles, and works 1:1 with women, womxn, and folks from all walks of life. Through her own journey and working in the community, she has seen how these modalities shift and expand consciousness, create new patterns and awareness, and bring people to the doorway to heal themselves. Awareness brings change, and a new paradigm is being created. She demonstrates and witnesses the many ways in which these holistic practices can be utilized to achieve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. Her inspiration is rooted in the timeless teaching: to be present and to live with love and open our hearts to see the divine in ourselves, in all BEings, and in all moments.

Are You Ready to Shift?

Davana currently lives in Southern California with her husband Aubert Bastiat and baby son Cairo. Together they facilitate circles and workshops with women and men, divine feminine and sacred masculine rising together in love. She loves to sing, read, and spend time with the trees.


Essential Essences

The healing forces of nature and original medicine of the planet, essential essences are highly concentrated organic substances derived from medicinal plants through diverse processes such as water or steam distillation, extraction, pressing or cutting of the plants. They are 100 times more powerful than dried herbs and bring the energy and healing power of light and love to the human body and spirit. All essences have nutritive value, giving certain vitamins and minerals to the cell, oxygenate the cells of the body and provide a bio-energetic recharge to the body.


Wisdom of The Earth is a heart-centered company of high integrity, deep knowledge, and total reverence for the Plant Kingdom, hand-pouring each essence in sacred ceremony. As a Certified Wisdom of the Earth Aromatherapist, Davana has access to over 260+ single (Ingredient), pure, therapeutic grade essential essences/essential oils imported from wonderful, passionate farmers all over the world.


For herbal and medicinal aromatherapy consultations, or have custom blends and essential oils sent directly to you, simply fill out the contact form with your inquiry/order.


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